Metal Tile


Metal Tiles are tiles that are all metal, (not just a metallic glaze). Metal tiles can have creative designs and finishes that are created by hammering, stamping, molding and burning the metal. Metal tiles are found in light commercial and interior residential areas. Bathrooms, kitchens and basements are the most popular residential usages for metal tiles. It is a popular option for those seeking a unique look as metal tiles are one of the more unconventional flooring options. It is a resilient tile that can be pressed or textured to create unique designs. Kitchen floors can compliment steel appliances and give the room a very unique look and feel. Metal tiles can also add a little sparkle to any room with their reflective surfaces. Metal tiles create a very hard slick surface that tends to be very slippery. The same smooth reflective surface that is so aesthetically pleasing is very slippery when wet. There is a high probability that the tiles will come in contact with water due to the popular usage of the tiles in areas with high traffic/water usage. The danger of liquid spills combined with the very hard surface makes slipping a real safety concern for metal tiles.