Restaurant Floors


Every year more than 1 million guests and 3 million restaurant employees are injured by slipping and falling. These injuries result in at least two billion dollars a year spent for these injuries that affect dining patrons and employee worker compensations costs. Workers are hurrying to get orders out promptly, and this rushing around can result in accidents. These accidents can ranges from some spilled food to broken bones. It should be a priority to prevent slips in falls from happening in your commercial kitchen. You want to make sure your workers are safe and protected at all times, and you need to make sure you're protected legally. Restaurant floors pose more of a challenge than your average residential floor for a variety of reasons. There is very high traffic, large number of spills, and grease. Grease ends up on the floor and can be a nightmare to clean up and create a very hazardous environment for slips and falls. This is not only a problem in the kitchen because employees can track the grease around the entire establishment unknowingly on their shoes. It is imperative to pay very close attention to floor maintenance. Treating restaurant floors with slip resistant products are necessary to lower these injury numbers and keep your establishment safe for business