Pool Tile


Pools are a great place to have fun but they can also be very dangerous if you have slippery pool tiles. Pool tiles are available in a variety of colors, shapes and styles. Some frequently used tiles are mosaic, glass and porcelain. They are functional and aesthetically pleasing. Most people are surprised to learn that the most likely place for a pool-related accident is not in the water; it's around the pool. According to the CDC, accidents around the pool take the lives of over 400 children every year. Bare feet, slick tiles and water create a dangerous combination that can result in horrific injuries. Obviously, wet tiles do not provide the same traction as dry tiles. When someone around the pool walks across the tiles and suddenly steps on a wet spot, it's usually too late to prevent the accident. It is important minimize the risk for these accidents by making your pool tiles less slippery. Please see below for Slip Doctors' recommended product for your pool tiles.