Bleachers are used in a variety of situations and environments from athletic events to school pictures. Now due to this high traffic it is common for people to track all kinds of substances onto their bleachers with their feet. Anyone who has ever watched an athletic event from the bleachers knows food and drinks are spilled on the bleachers regularly. If the bleachers are outdoors weather is also a big factor on the traction of the bleachers. Watching a football game in the rain is significantly less fun when your touchdown celebration (i.e jumping up and down on the bleachers) leads to a hospital visit. Even taking school pictures can be a dangerous experience when the whole class is crammed onto the bleachers. If one person slips, that person can knock down a number of other people on the way down. It is very important to treat bleachers with a non slip solution to keep the risk of slips and falls as low as possible