Resilient Floors - Vinyl Planks


Vinyl plank flooring comes in pre-measured strips instead of sheets. The planks tend to be a foot or two long and several inches wide. Vinyl Plank is a very durable flooring option that is commonly used in commercial buildings with high foot traffic. It is a popular choice for family rooms, children's rooms, recreational rooms or play rooms. Vinyl Plank flooring is a more affordable option compared to real hardwood floors but can have the same design benefits. It is also simpler to install and easier to clean than hardwood floors. It is not usually damaged by accidental spills because the surface is impermeable. Vinyl planks are commonly used in areas prone to spills due to its resistance to absorbing liquids. While this is good for the clean up of spills, it increases the safety concerns for slipping and falling since the liquids will sit on the surface of the floor. See below for SlipDoctors recommended product to increase traction on Vinyl Planks.