Resilient Floors - VCT

nonslip-vct tile1

VCT accounts for about 80% of US commercial flooring. It is thicker than consumer grade vinyl tile and installed with adhesive opposed to a peel-and-stick backing. VCT is most frequently found in commercial and institutional buildings. It is also very comfortable to stand on making it a popular choice for grocery stores, offices and play rooms. VCT is a good choice for higher foot traffic areas of homes in areas such as kitchens, laundry rooms and bathrooms. The low cost and high durability of VCT make it a good option for high traffic areas. Its high abrasion resistance makes it very low maintenance. It is also possible to find VCT that looks very similar to wood, stone and concrete. So there are a variety of uses for this flooring material. While it looks very attractive due to its buffing and high VCT is very slippery especially when wet.