Resilient Floors - Laminate


Laminate is synthetic flooring comprised of multiple layers of high density fiberboard fused together with special resins. High density fiberboard or (HDF) is a mix comprised of wood waste products (wood shavings, saw dust etc...) that is ground together. Laminate is essentially a photographic image of natural hardwood bonded to the HDF layers and topped with a water resistant coating. Laminate is appropriate for commercial and residual installations. It is a popular choice for high traffic areas of the home. It is common to find laminate in rooms where a stain and scratch resistant surface would be a better option than hardwood. The main reason for the popularity of laminate flooring is the cost. It is a much less expensive to install laminate compared to a natural hardwood floor. It is a very aesthetically pleasing option as well. It is extremely difficult to differentiate visually from a solid hardwood floor and a laminate floor so it is a very popular alternative to those who want the look of the hardwood floor without the cost. Laminate is a great option for floors but has a slick surface that makes slipping a safety concern. Additionally it is a surface used in high traffic areas of buildings where spills are more common, thus the risk for slipping increases.