Stamped Concrete

nonslip-stamped concrete1

When concrete is fresh, it is stamped with a pattern that changes the appearance and gives the floor texture. A stamped concrete floor could be given the texture of stone, tile, wood planks and many other variations. The reason for stamped concretes popularity is this floors ability to mimic these other flooring options. Concrete is one of the most popular building materials in the world. Composed of sand, water and cement, it is a very low cost flooring option. The installation of concrete is also easier than many other flooring option and concrete is very durable. Cement can be used in any room residentially and is a popular industrial flooring material. The durability of this very hard surface makes it an attractive flooring option but creates a safety concern as well. Concrete is a very hard surface and can cause serious injury if someone falls on it. It is very important to make sure to reduce this danger as much as possible and treat the floor.