Stained Concrete

nonslip-stained concrete1

Stained Concrete: New technology has enabled concrete to be one of the most affordable and versatile flooring materials to date. Stained concrete completely changes the look and feel of the concrete we see outside on the sidewalk. This is an affordable and durable way to create a whole new looks with your concrete flooring. Stained concrete floors are a very versatile flooring option and can be used everywhere from your driveway to your living room. Concrete flooring .Whiles these stains give a beautiful new aesthetic to the concrete floors they also can give the flooring much less traction with the smooth and glossy finishes. Concrete is a great flooring choice for its hard surface and durability but can be a hazardous floor to fall on. Especially when wet this surface can be very slippery and dangerous to fall on. It is important to make sure that your stained concrete floor is treated to reduce the risk of injury to due to falling on this very hard and unforgiving surface.