Painted Concrete


Painted concrete is a term that some use when referring to what is really an acid stained or dyed concrete floor. It has the ability to create a pattern and or change the color of the concrete. It is used to add different finishes/color and looks to the concrete. Concrete has been a popular flooring option and building material for quite some time. Concrete is a very affordable flooring option Concrete is one of the most used building materials in the world. It is a very versatile and durable flooring option. The installation of concrete flooring is much less labor intensive than wood flooring and the cement requires little maintenance. Cement is a very hard surface and these stains or dyes can increase the slickness of the floor depending on which one is used. Cement is a very common flooring option in the kitchen, a high traffic area that is likely to have liquid spills. This means that slipping and falling is a serious concern with base that won't be damaged by floor coverings, furniture or everyday use.