Enamel Bathtubs


Enamel is a glasslike protective coating that is fused onto ceramic, metal or glass. The coating can be colored or clear, Enamel is a hard, durable, smooth surface. Enamel can be used as a glassy decorative coating or a protective coating Enamel bathtubs are created when Steel or cast iron tubs are coated with Enamel and heated to a very high temperature. Enamel Cast Iron tubs retain heat well and are very durable. They also are available in more colors than enameled steel. Enameled Steel is more affordable than cast iron but less durable. Obviously due to the amount of use and continuous use of water, bathtubs/showers can be the most dangerous room in the house. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) an estimated 250,000 people above the age of 15 are injured yearly in the bathroom. The report also states that roughly 2/3 of the injuries occur in the bathtub or shower. That is over 166,000 injuries! The smooth surfaces are very slippery when wet.