Floor Safety Books and DVDs

Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention: A Practical Handbook Second Edition By Steven Di Pilla



SlipDoctors Review - Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention: A Practical Handbook is the ultimate resource for slip-and-fall information. This book is loaded with technical and scientific information about slip-and-fall accidents and how these accidents can be prevented. This book is an absolute must-have for corporations, property owners, anyone in the risk management industry, and every safety professional.

The book presents a scientific breakdown of slip resistance management and testing. It details the leading slip resistance testing methods and recommends steps that can be taken to improve slip resistance. Increased slip resistance leads to less slip-and-fall incidents and safer surfaces for all of us.

The book also teaches the reader how to identify problems before accidents occur. In so many cases, an accident leads to an examination of an organization's safety methods. This book shows that you can't afford to wait for an accident to react. You must be proactive and seek proper safety immediately.

Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention: A Practical Handbook offers real, practical suggestions about how to make our world safer. The unbiased information doesn't favor one method or product. Instead, it shows that there are many methods for slip-and-fall prevention and each of these methods can be easily undertaken. Once these methods have been put in place, the frequency of slip-and-fall accidents will dramatically decrease.

Falls Aren't Funny: America's Multi-Billion-Dollar Slip-And-Fall Crisis By Russel J. Kendzior



SlipDoctors Review - Russell J. Kendzior knows floor safety. As the president and CEO of Traction Experts, Inc and the founder of the National Floor Safety Institute, Kendzior has dedicated his life to safety for all of us. In his book, Falls Aren't Funny: America's Multi-Billion-Dollar Slip-And-Fall Crisis, Kendzior outlines the nature of the slip-and-fall epidemic, its causes and what can be done about it.

Slip-and-fall accidents are one of the leading causes of emergency room trips and many of these accidents are easily preventable. Kendzior goes into great detail and outlines the root causes of the slip-and-fall accident. Many people wouldn't think the floors they walk on everyday could be the cause of their accident. We take for granted that the cleaning supplies we use will actually clean the floor and make them safer. Kendzior shows, with facts and figures, that the cleaning products we use may actually be making our floors more dangerous.

Falls Aren't Funny shows how easily all of these costly accidents can be prevented. With simple modifications and extra care, a problem that costs nearly 100 billion dollars annually can be eradicated from our daily life.

Kendzior's book may shock some when they realize how large of a problem slip-and-falls have become and how easily these accidents can be avoided. The book serves as a startling eye-opener for all of us. Falls Aren't Funny: America's Multi-Billion-Dollar Slip-And-Fall Crisis is required reading for everyone from business owners to anyone with a relative in a nursing home. This book will change how you look at everything from your floors to your shoes.


Falls Aren't Funny - DVD By Russel J. Kendzior


 SlipDoctors Review - In this stunningly effective and emotional documentary, slip-and-fall expert Russell Kendzior humanizes the slip-and-fall victim and paints a touching portrait of the consequences of corporate negligence. Kendzior speaks directly to his audience and discusses the true impact of a slip-and-fall accident.

We meet Liria Lopez, who was the victim of a slip-and-fall accident. Ms. Lopez fell in the entrance of a grocery store and suffered a head injury. Through dramatic testimony and interviews, Falls Aren't Funny shows the tangible results of a slip-and-fall accident. Ms. Lopez doesn't live in the lap of luxury and her injuries are heartbreakingly apparent.

The documentary should serve as a cautionary tale to all business owners or anyone who is tasked with keeping us safe. Slip-and-fall accidents are becoming more prevalent in our society. Each day, many people are injured in preventable accidents. This makes Ms. Lopez's situation all the more worrisome. Injuries like hers are easily prevented with small changes. Mr. Kendzior goes into detail with some of the small changes that companies can make to help avoid slip-and-fall accidents.

This documentary serves as an effective companion piece to Mr. Kendzior's book, Falls Aren't Funny: America's Multi-Billion-Dollar Slip-And-Fall Crisis. Kendzior attacks the slip-and-fall epidemic head on and shows how easy it would be to avoid these terrible tragedies.